A Dental Veneer – Solution for a Broken Tooth

Before the patient gets veneers, the dentist must first assess the broken tooth.

How Many Visits Will Smile Makeover Procedures Take?

The amount of smile makeover procedure visits required depends on the procedure being done. | How Many Visits Will Smile Makeover Procedures Take?

Cosmetic Dentistry for the Appearance of Your Overall Smile

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on treatments that improve the appearance of your smile. Some of these treatments also restore the function of damaged teeth as an extra benefit. For example, crowns can be used to restore the aesthetics of a severely […] Continue Reading

Ask a Dentist: When Should I Get Dentures?

Deciding that it might be time to start considering dentures isn’t always the most exciting conversation. However, it can be challenging for many people to determine if they are ready for dentures or if there is another option. First, it […] Continue Reading

Restorative Dentistry to Repair Teeth

Restorative dentistry is common practice for many patients during their dental appointments. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your dentist is one of the most beneficial practices you can establish to maintain proper oral hygiene. Your smile says a lot about […] Continue Reading

4 Things You Should Know About Dental Implants Posts

If the idea of getting dental implants intrigues you, it may be time to speak to your dentist about this treatment. You need sturdy teeth for good oral health, as well as to eat and smile normally. Implants not only […] Continue Reading

General Dentistry: How a Dentist Can Improve the Health of Gums

In general dentistry, the dentist manages, makes diagnoses and treats ailments and conditions that affect a patient’s oral health, including the gums. Patients should be as concerned with gums as their teeth and jawbone.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Last?

Root canal treatment is used to save a tooth when its pulp chamber has been damaged, as the blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves in the pulp chamber are exposed to harmful irritants like bacteria and the acids that they […] Continue Reading

At Home Remedy and Relief for a Toothache

If you are suffering from a toothache, the first thing you need to do is find out the cause of the pain and discomfort. If you know what is causing the pain, you will learn how to relieve that pain. […] Continue Reading

How To Prepare For A Dental Implant Restoration

You can prepare for a dental implant restoration and make the placement procedure easier. Many patients have questions about how to deal with anxiety and not feeling prepared the night before. This review offers tips for the night before treatment […] Continue Reading